Material Science Tests

At Polytech’s DANAK-accredited lightning test center, we perform electrical material science tests to verify or define the properties of conductive and insulating materials. Lightning protection systems often comprise both conductive and insulating materials, and it is extremely important to have the know and understand the accurate specifications .

It is possible to define the conductivity (S/m) for conductive, semi-conductive and even anisotropic materials such as carbon fiber. For non-conductive, insulating materials, it is essential to know the electrical voltage withstand level (kV/mm) for impulse voltages in particular, if the material in question is to be used in lightning protection systems.

In order to perform credible numerical modelling of electrical phenomena in a wind turbine during a lightning strike, you must be familiar with the properties of the insulation materials and conductors utilized, as well as with the geometry of the configuration.

Some material properties are stated in the data sheets, but in many cases the test conditions are not described in full and must therefore be established through independent tests.

On request, our experienced material engineers can help to identify the parameters that are most important for your specific design.

Contact us to find out more about material science tests.

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