Immunity test with electric and magnetic fields

In our accredited lightning test center, Polytech tests the operational immunity of a range of components and electrical installations to electric and magnetic fields that arise as the indirect consequence of a lightning strike.

The objects tested can be aircraft warning lights, wind instruments similar sensitive electronic equipment and systems positioned on the exterior of the wind turbine in the outer Lightning Protection Zone 0B – in accordance with IEC 61400-24. This zone may also include the nacelle interior if the nacelle cover does not provide sufficient attenuation of the electric and magnetic fields.

The distinguishing feature of equipment and installations in Lightning Protection Zone 0B is that they are positioned close to the lightning strike point on the nacelle, which means they are subjected to the most extreme electric and magnetic fields.

The test object or system is kept in normal operation throughout the test. Any disruption to operations, distorted measurements or other unacceptable faults or functions is monitored during the test. This test method is developed on the basis of EMC immunity standards, but the test is generally applied to larger systems using higher field levels.

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