HVDC test

Polytech’s advanced HVDC test facility is used to test cable systems with static high voltages, stressing the insulation system in a less destructive manner.

In many contexts, this form of test is therefore a good alternative to an Initial Leader Attachment Test, where in the event of an error the insulation system would actually be damaged as severely as in the case of an actual lightning strike. Using HVDC makes it possible to identify weaknesses in the insulation system before an actual error occurs.

The HVDC test system is also used for testing structures such as helicopter platforms. These tests simulate the static charging of a helicopter and the capacity of the platform to discharge the helicopter quickly and safely before anyone steps out onto the platform.

Our HVDC test facility can likewise be incorporated into verifying tests of high-voltage grid cables.

Contact us to find out more about HVDC tests for lightning protection systems and high-voltage cables.

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