High-current – Conducted Current Test

When lightning current is conducted through a lightning protection system and/or the conductive structure of a wind turbine, the current will not only have a direct impact, but will also affect parts that are not directly included in the lightning protection system. This powerful impact principally takes the form of heat and electrodynamic forces, but it can also involve induced currents and voltages that affect other electrical systems in the vicinity of the lightning protections system.

At the Polytech lightning test center, we have the capacity to simulate the effect of these influences through a tailored test, performed in accordance with the most recent version of IEC 61400-24 Annex D.3.3.

Our test center has the capacity to handle test objects such as blades in full length, as well as nacelles measuring up to approx. 20 x 10 x 10 m. For larger test objects, the test equipment can be mobilized and moved to a different test location with even more space.

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