Lightning test
Lightning test

Testing and verification are the keys to success in the development of lightning protection systems for wind turbines

The latest industry standards for protecting wind turbines against lightning (IEC 61400-24, Second edition) set out specific requirements concerning how the systems are to be tested – and how much. At Polytech’s DANAK-accredited lightning test center, we perform effective third-party tests by replicating the full electromechanical forces generated by natural lightning. This means it is no longer necessary to base your development on guesswork – or simply to hope for the best.

Work with the biggest test center in the world for tests using artificial lightning

When developing lightning protection systems, performing tests early in the process will significantly increase the probability of achieving the desired result quickly and efficiently. It is highly likely that the final verification will proceed as expected, thus ensuring that the wind turbine can be fully certified straight away. At the same time, you can be sure that the high protection efficiency you desired will be maintained throughout the service life of the turbine.

The Polytech lightning test center in Herning, Denmark, is the biggest of its kind in the world and it is accredited by DANAK in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard. This means you can have us perform independent third-party tests based on the latest standards and test methods, and backed by full traceability and full confidentiality.

Benefits of the Polytech lightning test center

  • Accredited by DANAK in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard
  • Tailor-made for flexible lightning tests for the wind power industry
  • Equipped to perform all relevant lightning tests, including high-voltage tests and conducted current tests.
  • The biggest in the world, making it possible to run tests on objects of all sizes: full-scale blades, nacelles, giant blade bearings and main bearing, larger sub-systems, and so on.
  • All tests can be executed under full confidentiality in our closed test facility
  • All test equipment is mobile, allowing us to run tests at remote locations.

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