Polytech’s accredited test centers are your independent partner

With two DANAK-accredited test centers, Polytech can take on the role of an independent partner in innovation and development projects for external customers. We test characteristics such as the durability of new products when exposed to a wide range of conditions, and our test results can be used as the basis for early decisions, adaptations, certifications, service life definition and final documentation.

Standardised and customized tests of the highest quality

At Polytech’s two test centers, you can have us perform a wide range of standardized tests, and even commission us to plan and perform validated tests on the basis of your specific wishes and requirements.

Both our test centers are accredited by DANAK, Denmark’s national accreditation body, in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard.

We can therefore perform tests in innovation and development projects, with full traceability and full confidentiality guaranteed. On request, and where possible, we can also assist with the interpretation of test results and, if appropriate, recommend relevant adjustments.

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